Kubota RTV900 problems with shifting gears

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My vehicle has less than 50 hours of use. When traveling over rugged or mountainous terrain, very often you get stuck in gear and won’t go out. I use it in my rough land sales business. I recently had to cut down a small tree to go around it as I couldn’t turn back. I have been to the dealership 3 times. The factory representative did not show up for more than two weeks and two appointments.

Does your he machine have a pull knob in the center of the dash that looks like a choke wire? well, pull it out when your machine is difficult to shift as such and this relieves a bit of pressure on the drive pump system allowing you to change your selection. I have also found, a gentler way to stop is to simply lightly apply the brakes when you arrive at your destination and you are releasing the accelerator pedal.

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