Kubota RTV900 gas pedal problems

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I am fortunate to have access to the use of a Kubota RTV 900 to carry my firewood from the forest to my stacking site (a modest distance mostly through local forests and a short path); I am not the owner, but I am allowed to use it and in return do my best to actively maintain / use it with reasonable care. It is probably 3-4 years old and has about 350 hours of use.

Today, for the first time, I have noticed that when I step on the accelerator (which I always try to do gradually) there is a lag time or “wind up” that seems to have to take place before I advance with all the “taste”. The diesel engine revs up very quickly, it’s like there’s something else that needs to catch up … if I had a torque converter I’d be worried, but as far as I know, although it’s hydrostatic, it doesn’t have a torque converter . I first noticed it with a load on / on it, but I am also detecting this with no load. I had never detected this before.

Has the unit been serviced recently? If not, then maybe the link that controls the trans needs to be adjusted (my thinking is someone may have adjusted the link if it was in service) or it is time for a hydraulic service.

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