Kubota RTV900 fuel filter problem

zoom Fuel Filter In Line Kubota RTV 900 Diesel Pn 170.5060 1 Problems

I have a Kubota rtv900. It would get stuck and eventually gouged and wouldn’t start. The local Kubota dealer told me to change the fuel filter. Now when I try to start it, no fuel gets into the fuel filter. Obviously it doesn’t start. What should I do?

Remove the fuel filter inlet and fuel cap and using compressed air blow into the fuel filter inlet back into the tank. You should hear a lot of air entering the reservoir. I am assuming this is a diesel engine.If so, you must ensure that the supply line from the tank to the filter is not clogged with gelled fuel or dirt from the tank.You may also want to drain the tank if you find any dirt in it.Also, when starting the engine, be sure to fill the fuel filter first to help prime the system.

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