Kubota RTV900


This heavy vehicle benefits from even greater versatility, with a towing capacity of up to 1 ton, and equipped with equipment worthy of a car and offering high levels of comfort and safety, as well as providing a more comfortable driving experience with its independent suspension. Available in modular ROPS / Cab versions, in 5 configurations, you are sure to find the RTV900 to suit you!


The Kubota RTV900 is one of Kubota’s most popular vehicles. There are actually 3 different models within the RTV900 series. The first is the general purpose Kubota RTV 900. This model is 2.99 m (117.7 inches) long and weighs 845 kg (1863 pounds). The second is the Kubota RTV900 Utility Vehicle which measures 3.03 m (119.3 inches) in length and weighs 905 kg (1995 pounds). The third is the Kubota RTV 900 Worksite, which can be chosen in orange or camouflage, unlike the others, which are only available in orange. The Worksite weighs 870 kg.

The machine is powered by a Kubota-designed and manufactured D902-E3-UV diesel engine. This 4-stroke, 3-cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.9 liters and produces up to 21.6 hp. This power is transferred to the wheels through a variable hydraulic transmission. This gives the Kubota RTV900 a top speed of 25 mph (40 kph). All 3 models have the same width and height (which includes its roll cage). They are 1.52 m wide and 2.01 m high.

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Because the vehicle is so fast, it uses wet disc brakes to slow down and control its speed. It is often used on very rough or uneven terrain, so it has a front and rear suspension to cope with this situation. Even with this suspension, you could easily lose control if it weren’t for its hydrostatic power steering.

Probably the best thing about the RTV900 is that it has a hydraulic utility valve that powers a huge range of different tools that it can be attached to. There are also a number of accessories for this vehicle such as a complete cab to protect the operator from the elements. There is also a strobe light that can be mounted on top of the cab to alert others to your presence.

Load handling and towing

While the RTV900 is perhaps a bit lacking in the speed department compared to the Sidekick, its cargo-handling capabilities are just as good as its faster cousin. A heavy duty steel cargo box in the RTV900 is capable of carrying up to 500kg of cargo, be it firewood, tools, or some fencing supplies. An optional spray coating keeps the cargo box clean and free of dirt and damage.

Polyethylene tank expert Trans Tank International installed their 300 liter capacity OnDeck spray tank in the cargo bed of the RTV900 during our review to test its handling capabilities. When full, the spray tank weighs 390 kg, and the RTV900 handled the load with ease. The heavy tank added to the stability of the UTV, keeping it close to the ground, even when traveling through rolling terrain.


Even with a heavy rear load, the RTV900 was able to safely and competently negotiate curves and steep slopes. 263mm ground clearance and 205mm of suspension travel allow the vehicle to slide over bumps and bumps in the road rather than drift off them. Meanwhile, heavy-duty steel tie down hooks help keep cargo secure in the box while traveling through the paddock.

Downloading the RTV900 is very easy. A lever on the side of the UTV lifts the tray hydraulically and the load simply slides to the ground, eliminating any strenuous work. Unlike the Sidekick, the RTV900 does not have a trailer hitch at the rear. This limits its towing capabilities, but it has a standard two-inch hitch receiver that allows it to tow up to 590kg when needed.

Comfort and storage

Once in the cab, the comfort factor of the RTV900 is evident. There’s plenty of room for two, and taller occupants are sure to appreciate the good legroom. All controls make sense and have been ergonomically positioned so drivers don’t have to bend over and turn to reach the controls and levers. The steering wheel can be adjusted to suit the operator’s posture or height.

A group of bright, easy-to-read digital gauges display all key operating functions, including speed, fuel levels, and more. Inside the cab there is plenty of storage space, including an under-seat compartment and a glove compartment that allow farmers to store personal items such as small tools, mobile phones and much more.

Kubota RTV900 modifications

  • Kubota RTV900 Standard
  • Kubota RTV900 Worksite
  • Kubota RTV900 Recreational
  • Kubota RTV900 Lawn
  • Kubota RTV900 Turf Utility
  • Kubota RTV900 Worksite Utility

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Owner comments on the RTV900

The seats are comfortable.

The H and L ranges are suitable for most uses.

He’s not fast, but he’s strong.

Good storage under both seats. Glove box with door.

Good instrument panel.

The gear lever is extremely difficult to move between L H N R. It takes a lot of muscle to move it.

The gear lever can get stuck in reverse when stopping on a slope. The engine will not restart if it gets stuck in reverse, another piece of equipment is needed to take the pressure off the reverse gear connections before the gearshift shifts and restarts the engine.

The platform must be raised to check the oil, so the engine must be started before checking the oil.

The factory supplied battery is very small, I doubt it will have enough power to warm up the glow plugs and still start the engine in freezing weather.

The engine seems to work and slow down on slopes, it is left and full throttle and the original speed is resumed.

The gear shifting issue was an issue that came up, but other commenters noted that the driver needs to brake while shifting gears, which is tied to a hydrostatic pressure release valve. This valve may also require some adjustment.

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